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Well, I guess that if you've read this far, you really want to know more about me!

Even though this is not a personals ad site, I feel compelled to utilize my corner of the web. This is my space and if any of you are not interested in knowing more about me you can quit reading now and go on to the other parts on my site that are of interest to you.

I am single, and I am always open to meeting new people in the hopes of finding that special someone. If someone reading this feels like we have something in common or maybe knows someone SINGLE-brothers, dads, friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, etc.- then who knows, right? I figure I might as well take advantage of this forum , you just never know who might surf in!

Ok, basics to start with- I'm 30ish, 5'4", 98 lbs., petite, long brown hair, sapphire blue eyes. I live in Mississippi ,in the good ole southern USA. I was born and raised, lived here all my life. Yes, I do have a bigtime southern drawlllll. Never married, no kids, one girl green iguanachild. I am a Leo. I try to eat healthy, and I exercise randomly.

I am self- employed-I make craft type stuff and travel to events and sell. I'm a borderline carney girl/part time gypsy/entrepenuer for over 10 years, now. I make/assemble jewelry and other crafts- Indian dreamcatchers, pewter and stone knick knacks, kid's items- I also buy stuff to resale. I travel to fairs, festivals, craft shows, Indian powwows, rennaissance fairs, biker events, concerts,reptile shows,etc. And sell my stuff. Mostly in the south, but I go other places, too. It gives me lots of freedom and travel excuses, and it pays the bills. I enjoy it lots, most of the time, especially all the nice people that I meet. I am hoping this web specialty business and near future wholesaling will help allow me to delete some of my current traveling itinerary.

I currently work about 30 events a year. Lots of my off time I travel, too. I am always searching for new items to sell! I try and make working/buying/vacation trips. Only way I can be gone so long and see so much. I usually go to the east coast in the summer, and to the west coast in winter to work and buy supplies, travel, visit, etc. Fall, I stay on the road doing shows and I sometimes go to Fla. In between time I usually spend close to home, or if I can, I travel somewhere else.

I mainly want to make friends out of this, and hopefully will meet a special someone. Most of my friends are married with kids. I spend lots of time hanging out with them. I have very few weekends free and even then, I don't usually seem to do much. I don't mind doing things by myself, but I just don't care much for going out alone. I do lots of working and traveling alone. I travel a lot and it's hard to meet people and get to know them. I figure if I don't meet people at all, I surely won't meet anyone special. So I decided to try and up my odds a bit! I figure,(not counting psychos, mutants, etc.) in any case, that I will make some new friends out of this. Friends are wonderful, and you never know what may happen.

I have a pretty good sense of humor. I like to find humor in almost any situation, especially if it sucks. It definitely can make it better. I dance to the beat of a different drummer. I am one of a kind and really don't fit into a category. I live how I am happy. I am just me. A little odd and different, but a very nice person with very high morals, integrity, and values. I have a deep sense of self and I have pride in who I am and what I do. I am very spiritual, and am into positive, alternative religion. I am probably one of the most straightforward, easygoing people you could ever meet.

I believe in respect, honesty, integrity. Treating people right. And generally being the best possible person that I can be. I am a firm believer in 'what goes around, comes around'- whatever you do comes back to you. I also believe you can do what you want if it harms none- ANYone, anyTHING, yourself, the planet, or anything else. I am a positive person. I always follow the lighted path. I dislike negativity in any form, and choose not to be around it. Family and friends are my most valuable assets. I do not take anything for granted. I believe you should be happy in life, and only you yourself can make that happen. This life's way to short to be anything else.

I have lots of hobbies and interests. Including travel-which I do quite a bit of and extensively, mostly in the U.S., so far. I love to travel, walk, sightsee, drive. I live for caves, canyons, mountains and waterfalls. I love to hike, mostly to forementioned places. I like driving backroads and stopping at every hole in the wall tourist attraction along the way. When I travel, I try and not miss a single thing wherever I go, just in case I never make it back again! I try to take at least a couple long trips a year. I have been quite a few places over the last few years. Most by myself. But I do, however, have lots of really great, wonderful friends scattered allover the U.S. (I see most of em maybe, once a year.lol)

I am interested in all kinds of things. I enjoy museums, zoos, cultural sites, historical stuff, architecture, geography and nature. I try and do it all when I travel, so I don't miss anything good. I even hit all the weird little roadside tourist stops. I've seen the worlds smallest church and the largest boulder ever found. Went to a button museum in Ark. (it didn't have many buttons in it- but lots of other cool stuff someone had collected.) I love reptile houses, etc. I enjoy beaches early morning or at nite. I don't lay out and tan, but I love to beachcomb for shells and stones. I'm a rockhound, and I especially like to dig for quartz crystals (which I sometimes make into jewelry). There are still many places that I would love to visit!

I love being in the middle of nowhere. I like big cities ok, but I like to have a tour guide in them. I get nervous there. But I have never been afraid to go anywhere that I wanted to go alone. Only out of U.S. I have been across walking into Mexico a few times. I have been on a train to Toronto and into Buffalo/Canada. I have traveled allover the Canadian Maritime Provences. New Brunswick, Cape Breten, Nova Scotia. Lots of places that I want to go to,yet. I have a goal of every national park in U.S. and Canada. And every state. Plus many other places.

As for hobbies/interests, I have to include my close by family( who help with the biz)and (I have 3 little nephews that keep me very busy) and friends, and of course my own dear sweet girl iguanachild, Bud. I hang with my iguana (not literally). I love looking for/collecting iguana stuff , doll collecting-I have lots of Barbies and celebrity dolls. Reading. My musical tastes range from Metallica and Led Zepplin to Janis, Enya, Cher, native american flute, celtic- and most everything in between. I do not like rap or gospel. I can take country in small doses. I like movies, most kinds.

I like to go out to dinner and try different types of foods. I like most types. I am usually willing to at least try most things. I will not eat anything that was alive uncooked. I try to be a borderline vegetarian-(Bud's influence.) I am pretty picky actually. I like some fast food, and Mexican, Italian, vegetarian, Oriental, and liked what I have tried so far in Indian ,Thai, Greek and most other. I like very few mixed drinks,(frozen strawberry daquiris in Tuscon),(margaritas in Mexico.) I like wine-red or white or zin, no beer. I don't drink much at all. I don't smoke cigarettes any more. I occasionally smoke legal, non-tobacco herbal blends. I don't care much for the bar scene (been there, done that).

I watched the comet shower late last year- that was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I don't really do a lot when I'm not traveling. I'm pretty open to most things, though. Within reason. lol. I'm pretty much a homebody when I am here in Ms. I keep busy on my computer, with website and business, and finding, making/keeping up with stuff to sell.

So, I hope that tells you some more about me. I hope I haven't bored y'all to tears by now.Thanks for being interested enough to read this! If you have any specific questions or want me to expand on anything, I'll be more than happy too!

Blessed Be,,, I.W.

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